"Why do your cakes cost more than the cakes at the grocery store?"

I'm glad you asked!  The answer is because our cakes are better.  Of course, that's just our opinion,  but here are 3 reasons why we think this is so:


1)  Quality in Ingredients.  We do all of our baking and buttercreams from scratch, using real butter, cream, and free-range local eggs.  This takes more time and skill than using cake mixes and pre-made frostings, but we think it is worth the extra effort in order to eliminate as many preservatives as possible and provide a high-quality product that tastes like 'real' food.  Besides, we love the craft of baking and enjoy the process of making something delicious with our hands.


2) Quality in Execution of Design.  We often take an enormous amount of time to think, plan and carry out a specific design for a cake.  We have a higher level of decorating skill than you may find in most grocery stores. We love taking on the challenge of trying new techniques, and we strive to deliver a polished product.  We take only a limited number of orders per week because our business is small, our standards are high, and because we want to maintain a healthy personal life apart from 'cake.'


3) Quality in Customer Service:  We love and appreciate our customers.  We really want you to enjoy your cake!  In fact, I can almost guarantee that we care more about your cake than you do!  We love a chance to meet our customers in person to discuss design and flavor, and are also very accustomed to working with out-of-town (or busy local) customers via e-mail, Facebook, and phone. 


Sometimes you need to feed a crowd on a budget.  Maybe you are planning your wedding, and you don't even like cake!  We certainly won't fault you for choosing a grocery store cake :).  But if a high-quality, custom-made cake is within your budget, we would love to make it for you.

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